Here we all are again starting off another new year. I can honestly say that last year had some interesting moments, much like many others can say. Some things were good, some were bad, but in all I can't help but think it wasn't the worst. However, I don't think I could say, in some instances, it was the best year either. I don't want to dwell on last year, though. I would much rather look forward to what could be a fantastic year.

Just shy of a year ago I launched this website in an effort to help get my work out to a wider audience and be a tool to help me further my endeavors and my art. I've been pleased so far, but I have much more to do. I hope that as the year goes by I will be putting together more work that will be represented here. I have been very happy with the feedback I have received from countless people, good and bad, and hope that you all will not hesitate to share your opinions with me as the year progresses.

As work goes, I have some projects that I've been working on that hopefully will come to fruition, or at least get rolling this year. Some of them involve the Greater Augusta area, others involve some possible travel. Of course all of these things take time, but I just continue to shoot and work towards making the best work I can.

I'm hoping that in 2017 I'll be able to better mix my two passions, photography and cycling. I don't yet know how, but I have ideas, and that's a start. 

I know this has been a short entry, but I just wanted to get something out and let everyone know that I'm working and plan to have far more in the future. 

Good luck to all in 2017, and I hope that everyone has the best year possible.